Terms of Service

Terms and conditions:


The sale agreement shall have a term (8-10 weeks) from the date of sale launch (agreed at date of acceptance of terms) of all items approved by Exchange Boutique to sell. Exchange Boutique will act as an agent to sell handbags, accessories, shoes and clothing. Exchange Boutique reserves the right to return any and all items to the owner prior to the expiration of the sales agreement period and for any reason. If you choose to collect the item before the 70 days there may be a £10 surcharge per item to pay to cover costs of photography and online content loading. Items must be exclusively listed with Exchange Boutique during the term and any agreed term extension (40% or 50% commission as applicable will be incurred if sold via another site by the client).

Quality Guarantee

All consigned items must be delivered to Exchange Boutique in excellent condition and must be of the highest quality, CLEANED, and “ready to sell.” You must disclose to Exchange Boutique, prior to the acceptance of the item, of any and all flaws, damage, and/or alterations to the item, regardless of size or appearance. In cases where damage or alterations are not disclosed, Exchange Boutique reserves the right to terminate the sales agreement at any time and without notice. Any items received unclean will invalidate the sales agreement and the items must be collected immediately, otherwise they will be added to textile recycling/charity. Any repair necessary, if agreed by Exchange Boutique, will be charged back to you as the owner by deduction from the percentage profit earned. Should repair be required then this will be noted on the client receipt.


You, the owner of the item, guarantee that you are the true and lawful owner of any and all items consigned to Exchange Boutique. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Exchange Boutique for any damages arising from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including legal fees and costs, to the extent caused by or arising out of or relating to any unlawful ownership. You, the owner understands that Exchange Boutique sells the item as an agent and that any excess of the ultimate selling price over the amount recorded on your receipt is retained by Exchange Boutique as commission; you further understand that


Exchange Boutique accepts only authentic designer and high end high street items. You, as the owner, guarantee the authenticity of all items consigned with Exchange Boutique and will supply authentication documents when available. If you receive payment for an item that is later deemed to be counterfeit you agree to repay the full amount received plus any other loss associated with its sale and return.


Exchange Boutique will mutually agree on a price before any item is made available for sale. In cases where you do not specify a desired final sale price, Exchange Boutique reserves the right to determine the final selling price of any and all items.

Item Collections and Returns

We offer free of charge collections for 10 or more designer/high end of the high street items, or high value designer bags and jewellery. Please ensure that you have packaged your item well so it is protected and secure whilst in transit. Exchange Boutique cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to items as a result of poor packaging. By choosing to sell your items with Exchange Boutique you do so at your own risk of loss, damage or theft at Exchange Boutique - please DM me for address details. Should any item remain unsold at the end of the agreed period where Exchange Boutique acts as your agent or if the sales period is terminated by either party, you are required to arrange collection or request a link to purchase postage from Exchange Boutique. Items not collected/returned 2 weeks after the end of the selling term (or agreed extension) will be given to charity.


In all cases where your items are sold, you will receive payment minus the agreed 30/40% on designer handbags 50% (for high end of the high street items) commission to Exchange Boutique. Should cleaning of items or repairs be needed this will also be deducted after commission. Payments are made following the sale of an item by bank transfer on the last Monday of the month calendar month. (Please note items sold that are still within the 7 days returns period will roll over to the following month to ensure the sale is complete.)

Contact Information

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at jen@exchangeboutique.co.uk

please DM me for address details